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Treasures from the Sea: A charming boutique featuring handmade gifts made from Eleuthera's ocean treasures: shells, sea stars, and others. Operated by our wonderful caretakers Ada and Doyle Sands, this is a great stop for picking up a souvenir from your Eleutheran adventure! Located on Banks Road between North Palmetto Point and Governor's Harbour.
Gift Shop at Pineapple Fields: A nice shop to browse while you wait for your delicious sandwich to be made at the Banks Road Deli! Features jewelery, t-shirts, sweatshirts, artwork, and more.
The Beach House: In addition to an amazing tapas restaurant, great bar, and beautiful beach, The Beach House also boasts a nice little island-style clothing boutique. We liked the reggae-inspired Tosh Apparel and Sole Rebel footwear.
Island Made Gift Shop: Located in Gregory Town, this shop is a great stop for anyone looking for fun, locally made gift items. Treat yourself to an ice cream cone next door after browsing this great little shop.
Harbour Island Shopping: Too numerous to list here, shopping destinations on Harbour Island abound. From art galleries to local gifts and crafts, you'll find it here. Be sure to make plan for an entire day if you are heading up there!





Burrows Grocery: Located in Governor's Harbour, this market is close to Waters Edge, and has a good selection of groceries and frozen meats. They also operate a liquor store, which is located right next door. Cash only, so be sure to come prepared! We recommend bringing coolers with you for the frozen/perishable goods.
Open Monday through Friday 6am to 6pm, Saturday till 7pm, and Sunday till 10am.  242-332-2929
Eleuthera Supply: Located in downtown Governor's Harbour (look for the Shell station) Open Monday through Thursday from 6am to 6pm, Friday till 6:30pm, Saturday till 7:30pm and Sunday till 3pm (they may close for a little while mid-day on Sundays). They have a good selection of fresh produce, frozen meats, juices, and dry goods, plus sun block, cosmetics and household items.  They also have ice and exchange the 5 gallon jugs of bottled water.  242-332-2728
Esso Station: Located at the south end of Governor's Harbour, this little gem of a mini mart has unusual snacks, including gourmet candies, crackers, and some other hard-to-find items that make it worth the stop! Fill up your gas tank and add minute to the Waters Edge prepaid phone here as well!
Palmetto Point Texaco: Another great spot to fill up the car and get a variety of savory snacks, this gas station is located at the top of the hill along Queen's Highway, right in Palmetto Point.
Millard's Variety Store: Located in North Palmetto Point. This small market often has unusual fruits and produce that are grown right on the Millards' local farm. Stop here for ice, or a really cold soda, and be sure to strike up a conversation with Mr. Millard. He is a really interesting guy!
Lakia's Variety Store: Located in North Palmetto Point, north of Church Street, bear left past the Corner Bar.  Good selection of produce, dry goods and dairy.   Accept credit cards.  There is a cute little ice cream and sandwich take out next door.
Rock Sound Marketplace: As far as we are concerned, this is the best market on the island! Located about an hour south (so bring the coolers), this market has many of the items you'd find at home, has a good produce section, and features a selection of groceries that even a gourmet chef would appreciate! Want to try something truly authentic? Stop at the adjacent liquor store, yes, the liquor store, to try a Bahamian "hot patty." These spicy, meat-filled Caribbean pastries are delicious! The Market is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Closed on Sunday.
Other Mini Marts: Almost every town on the island has small convenience marts that are ideal for picking up drinks, ice, snacks, water, and other basic supplies. Need something? Keep yours eyes open as you are driving through local towns and villages... Sometimes, the visit to the shop itself is just as fun as what you are able to find there!







Island Farm: Quite possibly our favorite place to shop for fresh food items, Island Farm is located on Queen's Highway, .5 miles south of  the main Palmetto Point crossroads. Amazing vegetables, fresh baked breads, house-made sauces, and some of the best cinnamon rolls you will ever try make this a spot not to miss. They are open 9-4 every day except Sunday. Get there early for the best selection! Cash only.
Governors Harbour Bakery:  Tough to find, if you have trouble go into Burrows Grocery and ask for directions.  As you are heading south take the first right immediately after Burrows, then take your first left, then another right and go down a half block and the Bakery will be on the right.  Besides a variety of fresh baked bread and rolls they also make breakfast sandwiches,  donuts, danishes, cinnamon rolls, hot dogs and savory meat patties.
Roadside Produce Stands: A number of local fresh produce stands can be found both north and south along Queen's Highway. Selections vary, but these are also great places to stop for fresh fruits and vegetables. Strike up a conversation with the owners for some unique insight into what it's like to live on Eleuthera. You'll be glad you did!







Although you will find frozen seafood items at the local groceries, the best places to find fresh-caught fish on the island are right off the local docks in Eleuthera's towns and villages! Typically between 2-3 pm, local fishermen set up shop with their catch of the day, ranging from fresh conch to grouper to lobster, depending on the time of year. Governor's Harbour prices are typically higher, so unless you want to pay for the convenience, try heading a bit further out to Tarpum Bay in the south, and James Cistern to the north for better prices. Bring a cooler, ice packs, and cash to make this experience easy, then pop your catch onto our new Weber gas grill for a meal that you won't soon forget!









Eleuthera Business Directory: A great resource for finding whatever you might need on the island! Contact information for many Eleuthera businesses, arranged by business type.