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One thing you will never find in short supply on Eleuthera is gorgeous beaches! Whether it's the normally tranquil Caribbean beaches or the more vivrant Atlantic side, there is always a new beach to discover when you are staying at Waters Edge. We have been coming here for years, and still discover new places every time we come!


If you don't feel like cooking for yourself, or just want to experience local cuisine, there are many great choices within driving distance of Waters Edge. Ready for happy hour? We've included a few great options for those as well!


Feeling adventurous? Click here for some fun activities, tours, and other adventures to check out during your stay.


Eleuthera has some of the finest snorkeling anywhere. From right in front of the house to almost any other beach destination you check out during your stay, the possibilities are truly endless. On the Atlantic side, gentle wave and current action gives rise to an enormously diverse marine population, from lobsters to giant parrotfish, from sea fans to giant elkhorn coral, and from dolphins and turtles to the occasional stingray, you'll have a chance to see it all! On the Caribbean side, the water tends to be glassy calm more of the time, with great visibility (see above) and a slightly different (but equally amazing) variety of marine creatures to please your eye.


From gifts to groceries, fish to fresh foods, Bahama-baked bread to booze, it's all on this informative page!